Friday, October 14, 2011

New Speccy 2010 update

This time thank to Syd, the original author of Speccy I got the rights to commit into official Speccy 2010 repository.

Now you can try my version with:
  • added TurboSound (2 AY chips)
  • added fixed point sound mixer 
  • added SounDrive/Covox - various modes 
  • finetuned YM2149 implementation to be fully backward compatible  with AY-3-8910/12 - 4 bit DAC for envelopes, different volume tables - thanks Gasman
  • added preliminary support for Scorpion ZS-256 - put scorpion.rom in /roms dir on SD card
  • added, but turned off SID emulation
  • added NMI key - shift-F12 - used in Scorpion emulation
  • added SID emulation (sic !)
    I know that my code is a lame VHDL quality for now but come on last time I briefly write a 
    model in VHDL was 17 years ago ;) 

    Full version is available here.

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    1. Any chance you could add dropbox support for game developers to test their own stuff on a real speccy? :)