Thursday, September 29, 2011

Speccy Tape updated to 1.2.1

Go to iTunes to download it as usual.


  1. If you made a version of this app for the Amstrad CPC464 and the Commodore 64 you could make a killing! I would happily pay £5 per app!

  2. Hmmmm. Never had those machines. How do you think the app should interface to the C64 via cassette adapter or via custom/tape_recorder connector ?

  3. I think via cassette adapter. The principal is the same. I'm certain there are custom cassette adapters out there but I love the simplicity of this app!

    Seriously though! I would pay good money for an app that did this for the other machines that used tapes and of which there is a website of tape files!

    The c64's version of wos is lemon64

  4. Yeah I would like to have c64 tape software too
    You could use this connector

    Would be cool if you could load tape files or t64 files into the software.

  5. brilliant speccy app ...but how do i tidy up the old games i.e remove them and how do i add games / programs from my own collection?

    I see some demos are not available to download, how come?

    Also a countdown timer when loading would be a nice feature.


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  7. Could you *PLEASE* consider the chance of developing SpeccyTape also for ANDROID devices?